Prevention Specialist Exam Preparation Series

The purpose of this training program is to assist you in passing the IC&RC prevention specialists exam. The training program consists of two major components: eleven online course modules and a written study guide. The study guide reviews the content of the online course modules by defining key terms introduced in each module and presenting sample test questions for that module.  At the beginning of the study guide you will find a full listing of the job tasks associated with the six prevention specialist job domains as delineated by the most recent IC&RC job analysis.  The job task lists can be used to crosscheck your understanding of the role of the prevention specialist in preparing for the exam.

The key to passing the exam is your strong familiarity with the terms and concepts used in prevention.  While you can study alone, we have found that forming a study group to review the training content and study guide to be very useful for some learners.

Some of these online course modules relate directly to a single IC&RC prevention specialist job domain while other modules relate to multiple domains.  At the beginning of each module, you will be informed as to which IC&RC core competency domains are related to that module.