Welcome to this online course module on community organizing.  In the previous module, we covered an array of skills that Prevention Specialists need when working with community individuals and organizations.  We reviewed principles of adult learning, facilitation and leadership skills, communication skills, and skills related to providing technical assistance to the community in support of prevention initiatives.  We also emphasized the importance of cultural awareness and cultural competency when working with individuals and groups in the community. 

In this module, we will examine a process in which all of these skills are applied – formulating and sustaining a community coalition focused on substance abuse prevention. This module pertains directly to Domain 4 of the IC&RC job analysis framework addressing Community Organization.  It is common for a community coalition to be the primary vehicle for conducting community a capacity readiness and needs assessment and for developing and implementing a strategic prevention plan.  In this regard, the contents of this module also pertain to the IC&RC job domain on Planning and Evaluation (Domain 1) as well as the job domain on Education and Service Delivery (Domain 2).

Course Content